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Speaker Exchange
Exchange meeting process:

Thank you for participating in the New York Inter-Group Exchange Meeting. We would like to welcome all who are new and those joining for the first time. we do have just a couple of ground rules:

1.First, please take a moment to locate the rename feature, if you are on a computer please click on the three dots in your square, if you are on the phone, this feature will be under more, please rename yourself your First Name followed by your group name. This will help other groups to locate you later. If you cannot find the rename feature, please private message a host or co-host and they will assist you.
2. You are now in the main room (auditorium) you will soon be broken into smaller groups known as breakout rooms (classrooms) in order to conduct your exchanges.
3. When you enter your break out room please remember to collect only the name of the meeting, time of the meeting and date of the meeting. You will receive all additional information in the group directory sent out approximately 48 hours following the exchange meeting.
4. Please share the time in your break out rooms, please remember to conduct one incoming and outgoing exchange then let another fellow have their turn. You do not need to fill all of your exchanges in the first round there will be several rounds of break out rooms.
5. You can exchange virtual or in-person commitments at this meeting, as well as meetings up to 3 months ahead of time. In the general speaker exchange you can exchange any meeting format. During the 3 Speaker exchange you can only exchange even 3 speakers for 3 speaker commitments.
6. If you have finished with all of your exchanges, you may leave at any time, however please think of groups that may need your support.
Please choose only one meeting to attend.
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